About Us

Amy and her husband, Michael, founded Women of the Cloud Forest back in 2000 while living in Monteverde, Costa Rica. They shared the Costa Rican artisans’ creations with wonderful customers at fairs, church sales, and school events over the years. Their team grew to include two good friends, Marla and Sue. Marla is the ultimate organizer and can create a spreadsheet in a quick minute. Sue is an expert at sales and marketing and can brainstorm a sales pitch while sleeping.

Women of the Cloud Forest has expanded by working with artisans in Nicaragua, Nepal, Peru, and Ecuador, and now sells fair trade products to over 500 stores in the US and Canada. As Women of the Cloud Forest has grown, so has the interest from our customers at conferences and holiday markets. We wanted to create a place where you could find all of the unique and beautiful products that our artisan partners create. So that is how Wildly Fair hatched!

We share a common passion for fair trade and promoting our artisan partners. You can truly make a difference simply through “consciously gifting.” 

Enjoy our one-stop fair trade gift company and learn some fun facts along the way. Delight yourself with our wild and wonderful collections. We hope you too will become wild about fair trade.

Amy, Marla, and Sue