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Clownfish Balsa Ornament

Clownfish Balsa Ornament

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Clownfish live in warm waters on reefs. They have a unique symbiotic relationship with anemone. The clownfish is covered by a layer of mucus that protects it from the poisonous tentacles of the anenome, while the anemone protects it from other prey. The anemone also benefits as the clownfish keeps it free of parasites and dead tentacles. Both can provide nutrition to each other. Clownfish are at risk from global warming as well as humans wanting them for aquarium pets.

Made out of sustainably harvested balsa wood, these lightweight ornaments are hand-carved and then painted with non-toxic acrylic paint by a cooperative of skilled artisans on Isla Solentiname, Nicaragua. Approximate size: 5" x 2".

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