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Clownfish Balsa Earrings

Clownfish Balsa Earrings

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The clownfish, aka Nemo, has a symbiotic relationship with the anemone. This means they both benefit from one another. The anemone has poisonous tentacles that the clownfish is immune to, so he hides within his tentacles for protection. In turn the clownfish who often eats within the tentacles will drop bits of food to his friend.

These earrings are designed by our artisan partners on Isla Solentiname, Nicaragua. They are hand-carved and hand-painted out of lightweight sustainable balsa wood. Each pair of earrings is carefully carved with a paring knife and then delicately hand-painted with amazing detail. Material: Sustainably harvested balsa wood and non-toxic acrylic paint. Approximate size: .75" to 1”. Fair trade.

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