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Horseshoe Ceramic Ring Dish

Horseshoe Ceramic Ring Dish

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No one really knows how the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck. Many believe that the shoes were made of iron and that it was a metal that was thought to keep away evil. Others believed the crescent shape kept the evil eye away. However it came about, the horseshoe IS a symbol of good luck. Most believe that you have to hang, wear, or position the horseshoe facing up so that their luck does not run out.

Decorate your nightstand with one of these ring dishes or give it as a gift. Each dish is thrown on a non-electric kick wheel, etched with a bicycle spoke, and then wood kiln-fired. Created by artisans in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. For decorative use only and not food safe. 4.5" diameter. Fair trade.

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