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Ladybug Ceramic Ring Dish

Ladybug Ceramic Ring Dish

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It is an old wives’ tale that you can tell the age of a ladybug by counting its spots. This is not true. You may, however, be able to tell what type of ladybug it is based on its spots. Ladybugs have been a symbol of good luck, and some believe the number of spots represents how many years of good luck you will have. Whatever the case, ladybugs keep lots of pests from our gardens.

Decorate your nightstand with one of these ring dishes or give it as a gift. Each dish is thrown on a non-electric kick wheel, etched with a bicycle spoke, and then wood kiln-fired. Created by artisans in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. For decorative use only and not food safe. 4.5" diameter. Fair trade.

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