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Mad about Monarchs Gift Box

Mad about Monarchs Gift Box

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The monarch butterfly is officially endangered due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. What is so amazing about nature's ambassadors is that they migrate hundreds of miles to Mexico and S. California every fall and then again north in the Spring. Monarchs live 2 to 6 weeks except for the last generation of the year, which can live up to 8 to 9 months. Even though they have not made the trip, they have an innate compass that points them in the right direction (we all know some people who could use this). This special box includes ceramics made by artisans in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. They use a kick-wheel to create the shape, paint the piece, and then use a sharpened bicycle spoke to carve and etch the design into the clay all before firing in a wood-burning kiln. The luminary (4” x 5”) is a beautiful accent piece that can be lit with twinkle lights or a small candle, while the ring dish (4.5”) is perfect for holding jewelry and keys. The balsa ornament is hand-carved by artisans on Isla Solentiname (5” x 2”). Send this gift to the butterfly follower, gardener, or nature lover for any special occasion. Don’t run around looking for all the right gifts, we have done it for you! Fair trade.

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