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Friends with Nemo Gift Box

Friends with Nemo Gift Box

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A clownfish, a blue tang, and a great white shark walk into a bar….NO, that is not where we are going. This trio is not exactly the three fish you would think to be friends, but anything is possible if you give one another a chance. Think like Bruce, “Fish are friends, not food.” Each ornament is hand-carved by artisans on the remote island of Isla Solentiname using sustainably harvested balsa, and they are not just for Christmas! Nemo and friends will arrive nestled in recycled crinkle paper in a branded Wildly Fair box. Gift-giving has never been so easy! Approximate sizes: 5" x 2”. Fair trade.

Each item in this box is sold individually, so you can find more info about the contents of each gift box by searching the website and reading the full product descriptions.

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