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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast Gift Box

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast Gift Box

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In recent years the sloth has enjoyed a rise in popularity. There does not seem to be one clear answer as to why this sudden interest. Could it be that they have an entire ecosystem living in their fur? Or perhaps, that people long for their lazy life? We can probably all agree that the slowest animal on earth is pretty cute. We curated this box for all the sloth lovers out there. Included in this gift is a sloth ceramic luminary (4” x 5”) that, when lit, will cast light on the surrounding area. A sloth ceramic ring dish (4.5”) to hold your jewelry, and a hand-carved balsa ornament (5” x 2”). All gifts are made by artisans in Nicaragua. If you know someone who loves sloths, this is the gift for them! Fair trade.

Each item in this box is sold individually, so you can find more info about the contents of each gift box by searching the website and reading the full product descriptions.

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