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Wacky and Whimsical Ornaments

Wacky and Whimsical Ornaments

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Artisans on the remote island of Isla Solentiname hand-carve accurately life-like ornaments from balsa that they sustainably harvest. But when the moon is full, and the lake shimmers with a special sparkle, creativity and color abound. Every so often, it’s fun to imagine a pink hippo with white spots, which sparked the idea of creating an entire whimsical ornament line. This brightly colored gift will arrive with an aardvark, turtle, octopus, seahorse, hummingbird, rhino, fish, toucan, chicken, and hippo, all nestled in recycled crinkle paper. Your recipient will absolutely love these unique animals. We guarantee it! Approximately 5” x 2.” Fair trade.

Each item in this box is sold individually, so you can find more info about the contents of each gift box by searching the website and reading the full product descriptions.

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