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Poison Dart Frog Luminary

Poison Dart Frog Luminary

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The poison dart frog is considered to be one of the most poisonous species on earth. The toxin is created through their diet in the wild. The poison dart frogs that are kept in captivity are not poisonous as their diets are controlled.

This Poison Dart Frog Luminary is handcrafted in a family workshop in the community of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. Each ceramic luminary is created from local clay, turned on a kick wheel, and hand-painted. The artisan uses a sharpened bicycle spoke to carve and etch the design into the clay. Finally, it is fired in a wood-burning kiln. For use with tea light candles, fairy lights,or electric lights. Approximate size: 4" wide x 5" high. Fair Trade.

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