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Emperor Penguin Family Luminary

Emperor Penguin Family Luminary

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The emperor penguin is the largest type of penguin and lives exclusively in Antarctica. The mother and father roles are a bit different for these birds. Once the female lays the egg, she passes it off to the male and goes out to sea to feed for the next 9 weeks. Meanwhile, the dad is the one who balances the egg on his feet for the next 65-75 days to keep it warm.

This Emperor Penguin Family Luminary is handcrafted in a family workshop in the community of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. Each ceramic luminary is created from local clay, turned on a kick wheel, and hand-painted. The artisan uses a sharpened bicycle spoke to carve and etch the design into the clay. Finally, it is fired in a wood-burning kiln. For use with tea light candles, fairy lights, or electric lights. Approximate size: 4" wide x 5" high. Fair Trade.

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